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Taking Care of Global Talent Survey, 2023/09/29


Participate in Wellbeing – Sustainable Mobility Survey


The next research theme for our multi award-winning Global Mobility survey series is Wellbeing – Taking Care of Global Talent. There are many dimensions to wellbeing for international work arrangements. As the world becomes increasingly complex and pressured, and digitised are organisations and employees really optimising their duty of care to ensure both employee wellbeing and in turn, organisational wellbeing and critically, organisation performance?


Context to this research:

Is wellbeing a key factor in the optimisation of international talent performance?

   • Wellbeing should be embedded at the heart of the organisation which in turn, can enable and drive performance.

   • On a global level, the achievement of this, in the context of wellbeing for international work arrangements becomes more complex. We know that it is a dynamic series of actions and interactions between employees and their family ecosystem, their internal organisational stakeholders, external environmental factors, and external service providers providing relocation, compliance, and wellbeing support.

   • Relocation support at all stages of the international work arrangements life cycle is therefore a performance enabler and a necessary investment to build employee engagement and provide mechanisms to support wellbeing for the international employee and as applicable, their own family ecosystem. 


What does this mean for taking care of sustainable, talent mobility?

   • The purpose of this research is to help organisations to challenge their focus on and investment in wellbeing and the levels of investment and measures to genuinely deliver duty of care to employees who undertake wide varieties of cross border work arrangements. The multiple pressures of thriving in cross border work/social environments is magnified for international work arrangements.

   • Being able to measure the return on the investment is substantially more valid if based on data, analysis and metrics assessing the financial, commercial and talent payback, which are impacted by wellbeing.

   • What price a failed commercial activity, employee long-term illness or the breakdown in their family/partner relationship? Duty of care is more than a tick box exercise and wellbeing is often a well-hidden or invisible condition that is only visible when an event has become visible through some form of breakdown in the employee or their family unit.


How can you support this research?

We are delighted to invite you to participate in this Survey or you may wish to pass/or complete, together with a colleague who has accountability for organisational wellbeing at a group/HQ/corporate level.


In parallel, we will also be conducting a series of interviews with a cross sector of globa organisations who deploy talent on a cross border basis.

Our findings will subsequently be published in a concise Report which will include key insights and areas of opportunity to assess your own international work arrangements.


Thanks for your support!

Warm regards,

Charles Pirat