This club for managers and specialists in international talent management and their HRDs offers the opportunity to stay informed, share their experiences and make contact with peers in an optimal and confidential setting.


The International Talent Management Club’s role is:

  • provide ongoing strategic monitoring of trends and practices in international talent management;
  • transfer knowledge and methodologies from recognized professionals;
  • facilitate and encourage sharing of practices among network members.

Subjects covered:

  • tools and processes for sourcing internationally;
  • global onboarding programs;
  • talent identification tools and processes;
  • international HIPO and expert development strategy and programs;
  • international career management;
  • performance management;
  • change management;
  • HR analytics.

Profiles targeted:

  • HR directors;
  • talent managers;
  • international career managers;
  • corporate learning & development managers.


If you want to join or would like more information, visit the Become a member page.