The International Comp & Ben Club caters to managers and specialists in the compensation and benefits function, as well as to their HR directors.


It offers them the opportunity to obtain information, share their experiences and make contacts in an exclusive and intimate environment.

Subjects covered:

The International Comp & Ben Club’s work covers:

  • design and deployment of compensation strategies: attraction, loyalty, engagement
  • coordination of the various components: basic and variable pay, compensation in shares, employee benefits;
  • analysis and management of payroll and of employer liabilities in cooperation with the finance function;
  • internal and external compensation communication;
  • legal, tax and employment monitoring in France and internationally;
  • country guides: Americas, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia
  • confidential member benchmarks on compensation in France and internationally;
  • in-depth studies of different compensation mechanisms in France and around the world;
  • grading, compensation surveys, management of schemes and assessment of employer liabilities;
  • HRIS and people analytics: digitization strategies, performance of the HR function, employee experience.

Profiles targeted:

  • HR directors;
  • regional or country HR directors;
  • corporate or regional compensation & benefits directors;
  • compensation & benefits managers;
  • compensation survey coordinators;
  • HR managers.


If you want to join or would like more information, visit the Become a member page.