The club organizes 10 to 15 member events throughout the year to a program voted on by member companies based on their needs and current issues.

The range of meeting formats allows the inclusion of a range of expert presentations, company testimonials, working groups and exchanges of best practice among members.

Meetings and case studies

Several events each year go in-depth on international mobility topics with presentations from experts and member companies who share their experience.

During case studies, members work in groups on practical exercises. Experts are available to support members in solving each case and to offer solutions for questions that arise. Case studies allow you to review and update your knowledge.

Meetings are also organized in Lille and in Lyon once a year.

Exchange of practices

These half-day sessions are organized ad-hoc to cover topical subjects or regulatory changes either in-person or remotely. Member companies can exchange data and policies confidentially. Only participants receive any documents resulting from these meetings.

Annual conference

The club’s stand-out event of the year, intended for the function’s managers and directors, the annual conference takes place over 2 days at a venue perfect for exchanging ideas (meals and overnight stay included): forward-thinking and HR strategy are the underlying theme of this meeting.

Plenary meeting

The plenary meeting is an opportunity to discuss and work on technical and topical subjects. This meeting includes a cocktail reception and seated lunch as well as a meeting with Cercle Magellan accredited service providers.

Country focus day

Each year, the Cercle Magellan spends a day examining challenges and HR practice in a single country. This meeting is an opportunity for all Cercle Magellan members from the club, to get together. A range of HR professionals and experts are invited to exchange with participants on cultural aspects and issues surrounding international mobility to and from the country.

Managers’ dinner

A dinner for company international mobility managers/directors only with a presentation from a guest speaker.

After-work drinks

An event allowing all Cercle Magellan members from all clubs to get together for a relaxed cocktail reception!