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[HR challenges – large enterprise]

Comp & Ben, a key player in mergers and acquisitions

Interview with Nadine Thouin, Group compensation and benefits director, Suez

February 2023

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[International mobility practice]

International mobility and GECs (Global Employment Companies): the example of Arkema

Interview with Alexis Boudier, Compensation and international mobility manager, Arkema

November 2022

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[HR Challenges – Talent Management practice]

The launch of a new leadership program at Tarkett 

Interview with Gaëlle Babouche, Group HR Development Director, Tarkett

September 2022

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[HR Challenges – mid-sized company]

Managing internationalization at Stago 

Interview with Odile Pellier, Senior Manager HR Development, Stago

July 2022

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[Talent Management practice]

Identifying and developing an expert community: an HR-business project for a key population at SBM Offshore

Interview with Claire Rannou, Group Talent & Learning Manager, SBM Offshore

June 2022

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[HR Challenges – large enterprise]

Anne-Catherine Ropers

Directrice Générale adjointe en charge des ressources humaines
Crédit Agricole CIB

Février 2022

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[HR Challenges – large enterprise]

Émilie Ledan

Mobility & Expatriates Manager

Groupe SEB

October 2021

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[HR Challenges – large enterprise]

HR leadership : how to transform the Employee Experience ?

A meeting with Karen Summers, Director, Compensation Group, Michelin

September 2021

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[HR Challenges – mid-sized company]

Anne-Hélène Leveillé

HR Manager

April 2021

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