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Accreditation procedure

Step 1

Accreditation application from the candidate provider, including:

  • 8 company references, including at least 6 from Cercle Magellan members;
  • presentation of the company;
  • a detailed presentation of services offered;
    • age of the company;
    • details of the services related to the accreditation field(s);
    • added value;
    • customer references;
    • countries of presence;
    • membership of professional networks;
    • service innovation through tools or method;
    • any other labels, accreditations, awards, etc.;
    • quality standards awarded.

Step 2

1/ A telephone survey is carried out of the 8 companies that have recommended the candidate provider.

Checks are made on the following satisfaction criteria:

  • customer service;
  • responsiveness;
  • time management;
  • positioning in relation to competitors.

2/ Each accreditation field is tied to an expert club. We also carry out a survey of the professional community concerned by the accreditation. 

Satisfaction criteria are scored from 1 to 5. An average of 3 is required. However, a score of 1 on any criterion is eliminatory.

Step 3

After examination of the application and the two surveys, the Steering and Development Committee, made up of a panel of representatives from Cercle Magellan member companies, makes the final decision on accreditation.

The label is granted for 1 calendar year and for a single accreditation field. If the candidate provider offers services in several fields they can make several separate accreditation applications (application form and surveys).

Quality control and re-accreditation process

In order to ensure that members’ satisfaction levels remain high, a discretionary survey is carried out each year. Following this survey, the Steering and Development Committee decides if each service provider’s accreditation can be renewed:

  • in the event of positive feedback from the survey, the CMQL is granted for another year.
  • in the event of too much negative feedback, CMQL holder status comes under review. The decision of the Steering and Development Committee is final and cannot be appealed.

Furthermore, for quality control purposes accredited service providers must submit a new accreditation application (using the same process as for initial accreditation) for each field every 3 years.