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Become a member

Become a member of the Cercle Magellan, the leading European network for international HR professionals!


  • Be part of a renowned network that brings together the most competent international HR managers and directors
  • Meet your peers in a friendly atmosphere and expand your network
  • Freely participate in various club events
  • Keep up-to-date and share your best practices and policies
  • Increase operational efficiency and hone your skills in anticipating challenges
  • Enjoy access to our website filled with practical, methodological, and legal information.


Cercle Magellan benefits

The Cercle Magellan is for professionals from companies of all sizes who manage international HR policy, or who are looking to implement such policies.

Why Magellan?

+ A global and international approach to policies, practices, and topics covered

+ A network independent of any consultancies

  • Set up at companies’ initiative.
  • Run by occupational experts and members.
  • Governance: a Steering and Development Committee, made up of elected member companies, and a Professional Committee for each club.

+ Confidentiality: service providers do not take part in meetings unless they are invited as speakers

+ A responsive, friendly network with close ties with the authorities

  • Continuous monitoring of strategic foresight and organization of small-group discussion meetings if required.
  • Liaison and discussion with ministries and institutions on companies’ concerns through the Conseil Magellan de l’International.
  • organization and conviviality, allowing members to better connect;
  • Close ties with initial and ongoing training through the Institut Magellan.

+ Time and cost optimization

  • 24/7 access to online technical, legal and methodological resources
  • Contact and exchange of practices among members
  • Access to a directory of service providers that carry the Cercle Magellan Quality Label. Gain time when issuing calls for bids by pre-selecting service providers specialized in your fields and recommended by member companies.
Reasons to join
  • Refresh your knowledge and follow international regulatory developments
  • Get perspective by discussing your practices, policies and information from the ground with your peers.
  • Gain in operational efficiency and ability to anticipate issues.
  • Receive expert advice at our events.
  • Build and maintain your professional network throughout the year in a collegial atmosphere.
  • Make the most of your time and your budget!