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How the real estate market and purchase affects your policy, 2023/08/11


How to guarantee the success of your Mobility program in 2023 ?


Over the past 10 years, we have pointed to the fruits of ever lower interest rates. Now that the real estate market is changing rapidly (rise in house prices and interest rats), the purchasing power of employees is reduces.


The good news is that ownership is still the goal of most employees and your ability to help them become owners can have a significant impact on your ability to attract and retain top Talents.


To minimize exceptions and prepare a reflection for a successful mobility program, the following questions can be asked :

- Are my policies consistent within my industry and among my competitors ?

- Have we lost an existing or salaried potential or has he refused mobility because of our policy ?

- When was the last time we compared our policy ?

- How will our corporate culture support our employee ?

- Do we focus more on the employee experience or on costs ?

- ...


Understanding the current real estate market and offering solutions to your employees looking for an acquisition can become essential for attracting new talent.


For more information, below is the link to an article :

Navigating a Rapidly Changing Real Estate Market (


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