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Boxes like no other !!, 2023/07/11


At Sterling Lexicon, we are committed to reducing the environmental footprint of any move.


How do we do that ?

By reusing certain boxes !


Because it's essential to reinforce our CSR commitment and reduce our environmental impact, we have decided after a delivery to France, to take the time and carry out an in-depth audit of the boxes used during a move.


All companies wishing to minimise the consumption of resources, and encourage the use of reliable boxes, to give them a second life, can validate this approach when validating an offer.


The Benefits :

- Reducing waste

- Limiting the impact on the environment

- Preserve natural resources


At Sterling Lexicon, we are convinced that by opting for this sustainable approach, we are helping to preserve our planet, we are supporting you in your CSR objectives and even if it's impossible today, to use 100% reused cardboard, even if there are only 6-7 of them, it is already a small step that can only be beneficial to our planet and our children.


And we don't stop there !!

We have put in place other initiatives to support our customers, as e.g. through our quotations.


Together, with our small gestures and our determination to change things, we can make a difference and improve things.


If you would like to discuss what this means for you, your staff and your company, please contact :


Gregory Daudin - Sterling Lexicon - Mobility Optimised

+33 1 70 86 37 17 office
+33 7 89 41 24 90 mobile