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The new programs and services we offer, 2016/09/15


Maternity service

MSH International pays special attention to future mums. Pregnancy is a happy period full of new experiences, but it can also raise many questions. We support future mums in the following, specific ways:

1 - MSH registers the declaration of pregnancy

2 - We send the mum-to-be a practical pregnancy guide about typical pregnancy symptoms and the baby's development, as well as steps to be taken, recommended medical examinations and so on, along with a medical questionnaire

3 - We make an outbound call to notify the beneficiary of her coverage, and to advise her on choosing a maternity ward

4 - We send a "Welcome Baby Pack" when the child is born

5 - One month after the birth, we contact the mother to get feedback on how satisfied she was with our service

Mobile application

The MSH International mobile app allows the insured persons to:

- find a health professional in their area using geolocation, anywhere in the world

- access all their families’ health information at any time via their personal health record

- view their insured person’s e-card

- view their reimbursements online in order to track and control their health expenses

- plan their medical appointments on a day-to-day basis in the health planner 


For more information: 

Olivier Gredelu – Account Manager - 01 44 20 30 53 - olivier.gredelu(at)