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The new law on "controlled immigration", 2018/10/26


The law on "controlled immigration, effective right of asylum and successful integration" of 10 September 2018 was published in the Official Journal of the French Republic on 11 September 2018.This law introduces a number of measures impacting Professional Immigration that will come into force on a date set by decree by the State Council nolater than 1 March 2019.

The conditions for intra-group mobility are tightenedconsiderably

Provisions concerning "seconded ICTemployees" and "ICT trainees”

  •  Employee seconded to France within the framework of a mission or an internship must now have at least six months seniority in the group company that employs him/her, where as before, only three months were required to be able to transfer him/her to a group company in France;
  • A six-month waiting period must be observed between two temporary intra-group transfers. Thus,France chose the longest waiting period between two assignments.

Students and researchers: creation of new residence permits favouring thereception of talents

The "Student Mobility Program” and the “Talent Passport -Researcher Mobility Program”

These permits are intended for students and researchers in EU programs,those in multilateral programs involving mobility measures in one or more EU Member State, or those studying/researching under an agreement between two higher education institutions. These new statuses are intended to promote mobility within the European Union.

“Job Search or Business Creation” replaces the Provisional Residence Authorization (APS)

This residence permit is intended for students and researchers. It is issued for a maximum of 12 months and allows the holder to look for a job and/or start a business.

The issuance of this residence permit may be requested within a period of four years from graduation in France.  

Family members

Reduction of the validity period of movement documents for minors

The validity of the movement document for minors, currently issued for a period of five years, may be limited to the expiry date of the parents’residence permit. 

Extending the concept of family

In the context of the“Passport Talent” and “Seconded ICT Employee” residence permits, the concept of family is extended to the couple's children. In the past, only the children of the principal applicant had access to the favourable family plan.

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