Ari Pereira

Ari Pereira

Group Total Reward Manager


What is your role?

On paper, my job is Total Reward Manager. However, I feel more like a partner than a manager for all GEFCO’s international mobility, compensation and benefits activities. As a partner, my objectives are to stay close to all our activities, to always be accessible and to provide innovative and pertinent solutions. As Total Reward Manager, my objectives are to establish the Total Reward policies globally and to raise awareness among the HR community of best practices in this area. Our goal from a human resources point of view is to improve the experience of GEFCO’s employees. 

What is your hidden talent?

When I was in Brazil I was also a teacher. I loved teaching young people and sharing my knowledge and professional adventures.

What do you like the most about your job?

We are neither 100% finance nor 100% human resources, we are the meeting point between two activities that are key to a group. I like to give figures a more human face. We are part of the Group’s strategy as we work with a very wide range of contacts: managers, HR, finance, employees, trade unions, business. Every day is different!

Any advice for people new to the profession?

- Don’t be afraid, try new things, be open to cultural and generational differences, think outside the box, don’t let yourself be persuaded that “it has always been like that, so why change it?” 

- Do good specialist training (international mobility, compensation, benefits), but round off your training with a subject in another field (e.g. business, finance, marketing). We need professionals who know how to speak our language, but also the language of business.


About Gefco:

GEFCO Group is a world expert in supply-chain solutions and the European leader in automotive logistics. Serving 10+ industries, GEFCO offers fully integrated services and a truly global, multimodal network. We design smart, flexible supply-chain solutions for each and every client need.

With 69 years of expertise, we believe long-lasting cooperation with partners is the key to shared growth. Our goal is to play an innovative and influential role in supply-chain transformation to help customers meet their evolving technological, social and environmental challenges. The Group is proud of its ability to nurture innovation by our employees and partners to offer creative solutions to changing industry needs.