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Our network of accredited service providers

The Cercle Magellan Quality Label is a seal of approval from Cercle Magellan members, a sign of their confidence in the quality of service offered by international HR service providers.

Accreditation of new service providers is subject to a thorough selection process and is based on member recommendations. The aim is to allow HR professionals to find the right partners and acts as an additional aid to choosing a new service provider.

Accredited service providers: an explainer

  •  Accredited service providers are all international HR providers that hold the Cercle Magellan Quality Label.
  •  Official fellows’ status is a mark of their support for and collaboration with the Cercle Magellan. It is granted to a limited number of accredited service providers by the Steering and Development Committee. Each official fellow is also an accredited service provider.
  • Public or quasi-public institutions take part in Cercle Magellan events just like members. This allows them to gain a better understanding of companies’ concerns and to adjust their activity accordingly.

The Cercle Magellan Quality Label is awarded as an accreditation field and for a specific club (International Mobility, Comp & Ben or Talent Management).

An online directory at your disposal

To make it simpler for international HR professionals and service providers to make contact, we have compiled a directory of providers available online.

This tool allows you to:

  • access a range of services, all tried and tested by other Cercle Magellan member companies;
  • quickly find the service providers that your peers recommend;
  • get in touch with these providers easily.

Browse our online directory

Are you an international HR service provider looking to apply for the Cercle Magellan Quality Label? Contact us!

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