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The Magellan Network was set up on 17 June 1998 at the request of international HR representatives from some ten companies looking to discuss and resolve the issues they were facing on a daily basis.

One professional network, three clubs.

Magellan is so much more than a professional network, it acts as a community for international human resources managers from different companies to come together to share their practices.

It is a veritable hub of networking, exchange and information, The Magellan Network also provides the opportunity to pool members' experience to give a broader knowledge base, improve processes and come up with new ideas.

Joining the Magellan Network makes you part of a community of over 1,400 professionals in international human resources through three specialist clubs:

Our members

The Magellan Network is for international companies and their managers* responsible for:

  • international human resources development
  • international mobility management
  • international compensation and benefits management
  • and talent management

in a global and international context.

*The Magellan Network does not provide consulting services for individuals.

Our values

Professionalism: the network and its clubs are run by HR professionals, and by members themselves.

Innovation and occupational outlook: beyond the common issues faced by international HR, the Magellan Network and its members keep up with and exchange on future trends and practices.

Confidentiality: Magellan Network membership is open to practicing HR professionals only. Service providers do not take part in our events.

Collegial atmosphere:The Magellan Network team does its utmost to encourage exchange and give you the warm welcome that makes our network unique.

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