[Appointments]  - 11/24/2022

2 new members to represent you!

We are pleased to announce the appointment of 2 new members to the International Comp & Ben Club Professional Committee:


  • Dorothée Staelen, Sharing and total rewards leader, Mobivia
  • Patrick Micheau, former HR VP Total rewards & international mobility, Air Liquide

We wish them a warm welcome and much success in their new role representing you!

Dorothée Staelen

Sharing and total rewards leader, Mobivia

Currently responsible for sharing, compensation and international mobility at Mobivia, Dorothée began her career in external auditing at PWC before joining Bonduelle, first in internal auditing, before setting up the Comp and Ben function.

She joined Mobivia in 2019 (a corporate ecosystem in the mobility sector, including well-known brands such as Norauto, Midas and Carter Cash) to set up and run the strategic side of sharing and total rewards for all entities.


Patrick Micheau

Former HR VP Total rewards & international mobility, Air Liquide

Patrick graduated with an engineering qualification in industrial processes and spent his whole career at Groupe Air Liquide.

The first half, from 1983, was spent as an R&D engineer, then project manager and finally business unit manager, before completing a master’s in HR at IGS Paris and embarking on a second act as an HR director, first on European platforms for 6 years, then in engineering & construction for 8 years, later extending his role to compensation & benefits and international mobility at corporate level from 2016 to 2022.

Patrick has been teaching on the master’s in HR and Communication at CELSA for several years and also takes part in round tables and examination panels for Magellan training.

He was a Cindex board member from 2016 to 2022.

Each club’s professional committee is made up of specialist members from the function. Its role is:

  • to provide insights into the needs of our member companies;
  • to look at issues from a professional, industry-specific perspective;
  • to suggest possible topics for meetings and professional projects (in consultation with members);
  • to make proposals of possible improvements to regulations and compensation and benefits systems, in liaison with working groups and committees.

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