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[Flash News] Immigration , 20/10/2023


As a reminder, EU members states have until 18 November 2023 to transpose into their internal legislation the EU directive dated of 20 October 2021 which replaces the Directive of 25 May 2009 which had first implemented the Passport talent EU blue card.
This Directive states new conditions of issuance of the EU blue card in order to facilitate highly skilled workers to come to work in Europe.
The transposition of this Directive will have the following main impacts:

Conditions of work in France :
The minimum duration of the work contracts will be reduced to 6 months (instead of 12 months at the moment). The situation of the French labour market could be set against the employees (Article 5).

Conditions of remuneration :
Minimum salary will decrease and will reflect a minimum threshold to be setup after negotiations with social partners and a maximum amount (not exceeding 1,6 times the minimum salary), instead of an annual gross minimum salary threshold set up at 53 836.50€ at the moment (Article 5)

Validity of the EU blue card residence permit :
Minimum duration of the EU blue card should be of 2 years instead of 1 year (and up to 4 years) at the moment. Should the work contract’s duration be inferior to 2 years, the residence permit's validity will match the work contract duration (Article 9)
Mobility within the EU :
The mobility within another EU member state will be possible after 12 months of legal presence under an EU blue card in a first member State (instead of 18 months at the moment) – (Article 21)

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