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Sustainable Global Mobility, 11/05/2023


Sustainable Global Mobility — how can you report, reduce andremove carbon from your business for good?

Reloverse — How can you count and cut carbon from your business for good? Read about our journey and what the Global Mobility supply chain needs to do next to meet the demands of customers, regulators and planet Earth. It’s a business opportunity and about doing the right thing. Click here to read our blog:

“There are three key things driving carbon accounting up our corporate agenda. First, there’s the business imperative: we sit in the value chains of large organisations which are under pressure from shareholders and regulators to be transparent and answerable. So, there’s a commercial opportunity to become a supplier of choice. The second motivator is the climate imperative: the challenge of climate change requires all of us to make profound, comprehensive and urgent shifts if we’re to deliver a net zero global economy. And finally, for us, it’s about doing the right thing. That means taking responsibility, being brave and clear about our choices, not kicking the can down the road.”

Dominic Offer
ESG Manager
Santa Fe Relocation