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Santa Fe Immigration update : India, 23/11/2022


Indiadiscontinues Air Suvidha form for international arrivals

The Ministry of CivilAviation in India has announced the discontinue of Air Suvidha form forinternational arrivals effective 22 November 2022

Who are affected?

All international travelers who are entering India.


The Air Suvidha is basically a self declaration to be mandatorily filled by allthe international passengers arriving in India wherein they needed to disclosetheir current health status, recent travel details and others. The Governmenthas reassessed the safety measures and decided to revise the requirements forinternational travelers’ entering the country.


As previously reported
here, there were specific conditions on entry for theinternational travelers.

The Indian government authority has announced that international travelers willnot have to submit the Air Suvidha form effective 22 November 2022.

Implementation date

22 November 2022

Santa Fe recommendation

We encourage all travelers to continue to practice hygiene and safety measures.According to a notification issued by the Union Ministry of Health and FamilyWelfare (MoHFW), please ensure you follow the
latest revised guidelinesfor international arrivals.

If you have questions about India immigration, or how to enter India, pleasereach out to your local Santa Fe consultant, and we will be able to advise youfurther.

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