Online services

The Magellan Network offers a range of online services to allow club members to network and update their knowledge.

Member directory

A member directory is available in the club's members-only area. All member companies of the club are listed, along with contact details for their compensation and benefits teams. The option to filter listings by a particular country or sector allows you to target your search and exchange efficiently.


The forum is a hub of exchange and information sharing, allowing you to put your questions to all club members.

Conversations are filed under specific categories to allow members to filter and pinpoint the information they need.


In the members-only area you will find details of past and upcoming events: topics, speakers, handouts and reports are available to all club members.

HR documentation

The members-only area of www. magellan-network. com provides essential information for comp and ben managers.

HR Documentation is constantly updated by a team of legal specialists, and offers information on law, tax and employment in many countries.

Country Guides
  • Legal and security monitoring based on the countries in which our members have operations
  • Tax rates and social contributions for these countries
  • Over 40 country files (summary of local regulations on labor law, social protection, taxation, compensation, and immigration)
HR Publications
  • Reports, practices and trends in specific areas to respond to the needs of each of our three clubs
  • Created by our members, experts and legal team during working groups
  • Guides that will help you with your HR needs from A-Z

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