Accreditation Procedure

Through the accreditation procedure, the Magellan Network is able to offer its members (international companies) a selection of high-quality service providers in the field of international human resources management (international mobility, talent management, compensation and benefits). Accreditation is granted per field of activity and per club (International Mobility, Comp & Ben or Talent Management).
Accreditation represents a "seal of approval" from the member companies of the Magellan Network. This is how International Mobility, Comp & Ben and Talent Managers of the member companies of the Magellan Network recommend service providers to their peers.

Accreditation Procedure


Applications are subject to a rigorous screening process.

  1. We meet the service provider in an interview.
  2. The provider then sends the Communications Department an application for accreditation with information about its activity, details of the service offered, membership of other international networks, references, etc.
  3. A survey is sent out to the members of the specific Magellan club for which accreditation is sought.
  4. A reference check via telephone is conducted with three companies that work with the service provider.
  5. A summary is drafted.
  6. The Steering and Development Committee makes the final decision.

Accreditation is granted for one calendar year. Accreditation status is reviewed each year by the Steering and Development Committee and renewed at its discretion.

Accredited Providers can cite and use their accredited status with the Magellan Network as a seal of quality.

Upon the request of this same committee, surveys are sent out regularly to the members of the Magellan Network to guarantee that each accredited provider continues to ensure quality services.

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