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Institut Magellan

The Magellan Institute was set up to meet the needs of our network's members. It is a professional training body which constitutes a key tool for companies dealing with the subject of international human resources.

If you would like to develop or update your competencies, or those of your team, in international human resources management, international mobility management, international compensation and benefits management, or international management control, the Institute offers:

  • practical and operational courses
  • led by professionals and experts
  • in close collaboration with companies

A skills transfer to allow participants to immediately put their training into practice.


Magellan Certifications

Magellan Certifications, developed at the request of member companies by an advisory board made up of 39 professionals, cover the following fields of expertise:



Short inter- or intra-company training modules, unique in France:


Magellan International Learning Expeditions 

Explore international HR practices!

2 professional seminars abroad: 




3 Specialized MBAs

Build your career as an international HR professional!

Three well-reputed long courses for those seeking a qualification, awarded by the Magellan Institute:




Close links between the network and course participants

These courses train highly-qualified new recruits to your field. Why not send your job and internship offers to the Institute?

The Magellan Institute is an approved training establishment, as such our seminars are considered continuing professional development.

All our courses are taught by multi-disciplinary teams of professionals and experts.


Magellan Institute website


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