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Expatrié: rêve et réalité

Expatriation is becoming ever more common. However, that does not mean it is not an intense experience requiring intense preparation!

Immersing yourself in another culture requires a high degree of resourcefulness on the part of the individual. To be successful, an expatriate has to prepare on both a personal and professional level, taking care to avoid potential pitfalls. What better way to do this than by learning from those who went before you?

Brimming not only with personal accounts from expatriates, their partners and their children, but also with practical information and advice from Magellan Network HR directors, this book aims to help expatriates and future expatriates to prepare for departure, for life abroad, and for the return.

Emphasizing the so-often-forgotten human and emotional angle, the wide variety of accounts gives an idea of the relationship between the expatriate and the host country, how it is created, how it develops, and what happens after the assignment ends.

International Human Resources departments which send and receive expatriates will also find the knowledge and analysis of their peers contained in this book very useful.

Language : French


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