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Enjeux RH dans les Entreprises Internationales

Seeking to develop growth and cost optimization, companies aim to strategically develop their international business operations.

In the context of globalization, companies seeking to develop their operations on an international scale face different cultural and regulatory environments, and a wide variety of business approaches and practices.

HR must therefore learn to adapt in terms of consistency between global policies and local practices, as well as managing change. Their management requires specific skills and appeal.

How can the HR function support international business strategy as well as contribute and provide added value to a company's international development?

This book aims to introduce the reader to international HR concerns and challenges, the inherent risks, and a panorama of the latest trends. Real-life examples illustrate the many topics covered.

Favoring a pro-active approach without focusing on any one country, the author proposes methods, pointers for analysis, recommendations and focus points.The structure of the book makes it easy to gain a coherent understanding ofinternational HR professionals’ environment,their aims, different processes, their organization, and their ways of working.

Language: French


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