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Our team

Monica Garcia

Managing director

Yves Girouard



International Comp and Ben Club

Jean-Luc Breysach

Director, International Comp & Ben Club

Laura Niccolai

Communications and events coordinator



International Mobility Club and

Ludivine Clément-Ravon

Director, International Mobility Club

Aurianne Poumaëre

Communications and events coordinator


International Talent Management Club

Odile Thesmar

Director, International Talent Management Club & Trainings

Aurianne Poumaëre

Communications and events coordinator


Legal and Technical Department

Alice Dubois

Head of legal and HR publications


Jeanne Izard

Legal specialist


Salomé Peidro

Legal specialist


Camille Piales

Legal specialist



Translation and international publications

Jacqueline Hervet





Nathalie Soubrier

Training coordinator

Julie Afsa

Communications coordinator


Administrative and Financial Department

Edwige Gross

Financial and administrative manager

Laura Maran

Administrative assistant


Development & communications 

Isaure de Gassart

Development & communications director


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