Global Mobility Survey 2020/21  - 11/30/20


We are delighted to share the 9th edition of the annual Global Mobility Survey report from our fellow, Santa Fe Relocation. Designed to assist HR/international mobility teams to manage internationally mobile staff, the survey was carried out independently by Savanta. It includes critical analysis and recommendations from some of Santa Fe Relocation’s experts: John Rason, Julia Palmer, Peter Graham and Montserrat Lopez.

Download the report to find out about 2020/21 international mobility trends, assess your programs and obtain recommendations on best practices as well as the challenges facing the function.
The report focuses on 3 key areas:
+ Transformation: What contribution is expected from human resources and international mobility professionals?
+ Talent: How will employees be deployed internationally?
+ Thrive: How can organizations manage risks and fulfil their duty of care?

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