New members of our legal team!  - 09/03/20

The Cercle Magellan would like to welcome Camille Benhammadi and Jeanne Izard.

Find out more about them below.



Camille Benhammadi
Legal specialist

After graduating with a master’s in international business law from Université Paris Saclay, Camille completed a first internship in an arbitration body and a second in a French law firm in Casablanca.

She has just joined the Cercle Magellan as a legal specialist and is currently working on an update of the guide to Algeria, and on those on Tunisia and Saudi Arabia.


Jeanne Izard
Legal specialist

Jeanne completed a classe préparatoire at ENS Rennes in law, economics and management at the same time as she studied for the first two years of a law degree at the Université de Montpellier. After graduating from her degree and a master’s in private law at Montpellier, she interned, including in the legal department of Suez’s British subsidiary.

Jeanne graduated from a master’s in law and languages in 2020 and is starting her career at the Cercle Magellan as a legal specialist. She is currently working on our guide to Germany and is monitoring tax news related to Covid-19.

Find out more about all the members of the Magellan team here.

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