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The Magellan Network is an international professional network offering meetings, exchanges and information for practitioners in:

  • International Human Resources
  • International Compensation & Benefits
  • International Mobility
  • International Talent Management

It was created on June 17, 1998 in response to the needs of international human resource managers to benchmark on common problems and share solutions with other professionals.

The international human resource professional requires techniques, methods, practices and rules adaptable to specific situations and countries. In the fast-paced environment of international human resources, being a member of a worldwide network has its advantages.

Today, the Magellan Network includes over 200 multinationals representing a network of over 1,000 global mobility professionals.  The International Mobility Club counts over 40,000 expatriates across five continents.

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  • Meet with professionals working on similar issues

  • Exchange and Benchmark on:
    • Regional and local HR practices
    • International and regional mobility practices and policies
    • Practices and technical changes in global remuneration and benefits
    • Legal and technical changes in the areas of labor law, tax, social protection, immigration, etc.
    • Practical information on countries, formalities, exchanges of experiences

  • Access to an up-to-date, on-line Resource and Information Center

  • Track changes in laws, practices, and follow crisis situations

  • Access to Accredited Experts recommended by member companies



The Magellan Network was created for and by its members.  Strategic decisions are approved by the member run Steering and Development Committee.

The Steering and Development Committee’s mission is to:

  • Define the strategy and direction of the group
  • Propose and approve major projects
  • Establish operating procedures and set member fees
  • Accredit service providers, experts and partners

In Europe, the committee is made up of three permanent members, and six members elected for a renewable three-year term.

  • Yves Girouard - President Magellan Network International
  • Jean Pautrot - President of the Conseil Magellan de la Mobilité Internationale
  • Bernard Dallery, South Eastern Europe HRD, Dukat (Lactalis Group)
  • Laurent Fenart, Director of international mobility, Technicolor Group
  • Nathalie Baron, Deputy Head of Human Ressources, SG Banque d'investissement
  • Sandra Rouard, Compensation & Benefits Director, Hermes International
  • Gilles Robert, HR Development Director, Plastic Omnium






  • Elaboration of the principles and the first activities of the Magellan Network in France.  Inaugurated in June 1998.  Members of the first Steering and Development Committee elected.

End of 1999

  • The exchanges between members worked so well that a number of members requested the inclusion of specialized information.
  • The Technical Information Bank was created and put on-line for member use.  Different databases and information are organized, developed and updated.

End of 2000

  • Start of work on the "Magellan Expatriate Web Guide".  Partially available to member companies, proposing in-depth country monographs.


  • Upon member demand, the Development Committee gave the Magellan Network an international character.  The website was recasted.
  • Inauguration of the first annual international conference.  In attendance were members from Belgium, Spain, France, and Switzerland.


  • Creation of the Professional Committee, which constantly adapts the network services to member needs and issues.  Launch of study commissions and benchmarks on social protection, HR tools, risks & security, knowledge management, professional and social responsibility.  


  • The "Magellan Expatriate Web Guide" (targeting member companies) developed new sections and spun off into the website "".  Recast the website reserved for members and creation of new columns such as Tools and the interactive space. Reform of the status of Service Providers and Accredited Experts and Recommendations.  The directory of best service providers on the market, by field, was put into place (after review and approval by the Steering and Development Committee).
  • The “Official Partner” status was created.  Limited to market leaders, this status is a mark of support by and collaboration with the Magellan Network.


  • Creation of the Magellan Institute, which has as a goal to become a partner of reference for European companies for high quality professional training in Management and International Human Resources.


  • Launching of commissions on Immigration, Education and Teaching French abroad, expatriation, and Youths Abroad.
  • In France, the Counsel Magellan International Mobility, an organ allowing dialogue and liaison between companies, the administration and the institutions, was launched.
    Objective: better inform authorities on practices and difficulties faced in the field.  Allowed members to better understand the regulations and potential changes to the regulations, and to express their point of view.
  • Published the International Mobility White Book, French approach.


  • Creation of the Comp & Ben Club.  It operates in the same way as the HR & Mobility Club.  Comp & Ben professionals exchange on corporate and international issues.  Specific documentary resources/databases were developed for Comp & Ben members.
  • Development of the Asian Network with the establishment of Asia/Pacific zone (creation of a subsidiary in Singapore).
  • Published the International Mobility Blue Book, European approach.


  • Due to its success in Asia and in response to international HR and Comp & Ben problems outside of France and Asia, the Magellan Network is the 1st global exchange network for HR professionals.  
  • To handle these developments, Magellan launched a new website.
  • Development of web conferences for delegation members.


  • Launching of the International Talent Management Club
    Created at the request of its members, this new club provides Talent Management professionals an environment headed by their peers where they can interact, discuss and benchmark. The International Talent Management Club is an information and networking group exclusively reserved for human resources professionals confronted with issues arising from Talent Management in the global context.
  • Publication of the Magellan International Mobility Competency Framework
    This handbook sets out to present the role of international mobility professionals from various angles (professions, internal/external company relations, behaviors, attitudes, skills, knowledge that lead to effective performance). All our members and accredited providers have received a copy of this handbook free of charge.