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The Network of Companies

The Magellan Network is open to all international companies dealing with the internationalization of their human resources department. We gather more than 200 companies of all kinds of activities and various sizes. We welcome over 1.000 HR professionnals who want to optimise their global Human Resources policies. The community is animated by directors of club, who were previously responsable for Comp&Ben, Talent Management or International Mobility in international companies.

An annual membership fee provides access to the network’s resources.  As a private network, membership is subject to approval.



Service Provider Network

Upon member request, a limited number of service providers are accredited by the Magellan Network.  These Accredited Experts undergo a rigorous screening process.

These Accredited Experts are considered to be “high quality values”.  Accredited Experts are invited to certain exchanges on the forum of discussions and are listed in the directory under their speciality and their country of accreditation.


The Steering and Development Committee of the Network has given the status: “Fellow”,  to a limited number of members.

This status is not only a mark of recognition for the market leader service providers but also serves as a true indication of support of and collaboration with Magellan.