Le Cercle Magellan vous présente la 10e édition des Rencontres de la Mobilité internationale 05/12/2017

Le 6 juin prochain au Pré Catelan (Paris 16ème)

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Your new Steering and Development Committee 03/24/2017

Introducing your six new professional representatives

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The whole team at Magellan would like to wish you and your family a very happy new year! 01/02/2017

Recruit our students! 11/24/2016

Interns, recent graduates... Uncover a wealth of specialized, motivated students!

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Discover the 9th edition of the HSBC’s global study on expats! 10/21/2016

Your latest network updates 10/06/2016

The new edition of the Magellan Network Mag is online and available for download now!

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Magellan Competency Frameworks : International Mobility and Compensation & Benefits 09/05/2016

New release!

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The Magellan Institute awards its first certifications 06/07/2016

At last, a shared standard for qualifications in your fields!

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New members-only area! 02/12/2016

As 2016 gets underway, the Magellan Network launches its new members-only area.

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New team members! 01/27/2016

The Magellan team has some new recruits for 2016.

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